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4 Reasons to Use a Prepaid Cellphone

Many people use prepaid cellphones instead of ones that are linked to a monthly plan in order to better manage their finances. However, prepaid phones aren't just for budget-oriented people. Even if you have a phone you love, you may still have some use for a prepaid cellphone. Here's how you might use one as a secondary phone.
Using a Prepaid Cellphone

1. As an Emergency Phone

If you drive a vehicle, you'll have a roadside emergency sooner or later. Your car's alternator may fail, a tire might go flat or you could run out of gas. Whatever the emergency, you'll want a cellphone so you can call for help.
While you might normally have your cellphone with you, there's bound to be a day you forget to grab it while heading out the door. Inevitably, this will likely be the day you're stranded on the side of the road and need to call for help.
Keeping a prepaid phone in your vehicle's center console or glovebox would ensure that you have a phone available — even if you forget yours. With basic prepaid plans available for just a few dollars a month, this is a cheap form of insurance against this potential risk.

2. As a Way to Give Independence

In today's digital world, many young children are asking their parents for smartphones and mobile devices. Most kids eventually receive one from their parents. However, there's always a stage when kids really want a smartphone but aren't quite responsible enough to use one. Prepaid cell phones can help bridge this time.
Giving a young child a basic prepaid phone offers them a measure of independence without exposing them to the internet. Kids get to practice dialing relative's numbers and can talk and text friends. Also, parents don't have to constantly look over their shoulders to see what they're doing. They can't even get into trouble by ringing up overages because the plan is prepaid.
As an added benefit, a basic prepaid phone also shows kids a way of life that doesn't involve constant connection to the internet. In today's world where kids are spending lots of time in front of screens, some parents may appreciate a device that's not equipped with videos or apps.

3. As a Way to Teach Budgeting

Prepaid phones may also be useful when raising teenagers. While most teens today won't be satisfied with a non-smart prepaid phone, there are smart prepaid devices available. These devices can be excellent ways to teach teenagers about budgeting.
With a prepaid phone that they're responsible for refilling themselves, teens get to see firsthand how their activity affects their account balances. They also have the responsibility of paying for something they want to use. At the same time, they won't rack up late fees or overages because the account is prepaid.

4. As a Safety Measure

When selling items online, it's often necessary to share your phone number with complete strangers. While this is normally done without an issue, it can lead to problems. Namely, people can call at all hours or call with scams. If they do, the troubles may not stop once you've sold the item you're selling.
Using a prepaid phone that's specifically designated for making online sales will prevent people from calling your main phone at unwanted times or more often than you'd like. You can refill a prepaid phone when you have something to sell, and then not renew until you have something to sell again.
If you're interested in getting a prepaid phone, talk with us at Boost Mobile by 2020 Mobile. In addition to prepaid phones, we offer unlimited talk, text and data plans.


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